BREAKING: Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Leveled Against Imo State DPO By Police Community Relations Official -
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BREAKING: Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Leveled Against Imo State DPO By Police Community Relations Official



The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the New Owerri Police Division at the Imo State Police Command, CSP Abideen A. Salawu, has been accused of sexual assault.According to Saharareporters, the DPO faces accusations of sexually assaulting, harassing, and intimidating policewomen and female members of the public who report cases at his division.

A member of the Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) at the World Bank Housing Estate in Owerri, Ogumba Onyeaghala, filed a petition to the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, and Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, detailing these allegations.

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The petition alleged that since CSP Salawu took his position at the New Owerri Police Division about five years ago, he has been involved in numerous misconducts, particularly targeting women police officers who have “been dying in silence.”

Chief Onyeaghala’s petition claims that CSP Salawu often favours women in legal disputes, allegedly to gain sexual favours. This alleged behaviour has led many residents of the World Bank Housing Estate to avoid the New Owerri Police Division, opting instead for the Umuguma police station or the Area Commander’s office in Owerri.

The petition further asserts that CSP Salawu maintains a hotel room and a flat in Owerri for his personal use but often stays at the police station to exploit policewomen, both married and unmarried. Some female officers, feeling intimidated, have reportedly recorded him during these encounters.

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A critical point in the petition is the allegation that CSP Salawu requested the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Danjuma Aboki, to transfer all personnel from the New Owerri Police Division to bring in new female officers. This request was purportedly to target those who were not submissive to him.

This request reportedly reached human rights advocates who alerted Mrs. Chioma Uzodinma, the wife of the Imo State Governor. Despite her call for CSP Salawu’s removal, a senior police officer intervened, claiming Salawu was his benefactor.

Although the DPO received a serious warning, he allegedly retaliated by beating Inspector Juliet Ubalaka and threatening further transfers and diabolical actions….READ FULL ARTICLE

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Ndume: Tinubu Has Resolved To Be A One-term President, Nigerians Must Ensure His Defeat In 2027 – Lukman




A former National Vice Chairman (North-west) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman, has said the actions of President Bola Tinubu have suggested that he is not interested in serving a second term as Nigeria’s leader….READ FULL ARTICLE

The former APC chieftain added that both President Tinubu and the APC are charting the way to lose the 2027 presidential elections and Nigerians must help them to taste defeat.

Speaking in a statement on Thursday, against the background of the sack of Borno South Senator, Ali Ndume as the Chief Whip of the Senate on Wednesday, Lukman said it is a testament to the fact that the current administration does not want to be criticized.

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He added that the Tinubu government and the ruling APC are pushing Nigeria to the edges of dictatorial governance similar to what Nigerians witnessed during the days of military government under late General Sani Abacha.

Lukman, in a statement titled, “Fanatical Mindset,” lamented that free speech is under threat and personal liberties of the citizens are being encroached upon.

He also called out the Senate for allowing its operational independence to be rubbished after Ndume was removed based on a letter signed by the APC National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, arguing that there was nowhere in the APC

Constitution where the National Chairman, National Secretary, or any official, or even the National Working Committee, is given the powers to summarily remove any principal officer of the National Assembly.

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The former chieftain said it is a shame that the APC and the Senate Caucus got involved in such acts of illegality.

He said:“The way things are, it is almost as if President Asiwaju Tinubu has resolved that he will only be a one term President. Under his watch, the living conditions of Nigerians is continuously getting worse. Instead of making effort to develop clear plans to address the situation, the government is becoming more intolerant to criticism.

“Any democracy that cannot accommodate criticism is no democracy. A democracy that subverts fair hearing is a dictatorship. A democracy that permits a ruling party to demobilise its organs and inadvertently expels its members is worse than a military government.”

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“So long as APC, its leadership and Asiwaju Tinubu’s government have taken the self-destructive path, which is equivalent to a declaration of working end their tenure in 2027, patriotic Nigerians must help them to ensure their defeat in 2027!”…READ FULL ARTICLE

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20 Trucks of Rice: It will not get to those suffering. The Tinubu government isn’t ready to listen to advice – Primate Ayodele




Primate Elijah Ayodele, leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has criticized the Nigerian federal government for distributing trucks of rice to state governments. He said the initiative would only result in increased corruption and hardship, as governors are indifferent to the needs of the impoverished….READ FULL ARTICLE

In a statement by his media aide, Oluwatosin Osho, Ayodele asserted that the rice would not reach those truly in need, but would instead be distributed among party members.

He also claimed President Tinubu’s administration was unwilling to heed constructive advice.

He said;‘’There is no way this will get to the needy, those who are suffering

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“The Tinubu government isn’t ready to listen to advice. They are not doing what is feasible, Nigerians are hungry and angry, everyone is affected, the president must be careful.

‘’Sending trucks of rice to governors that don’t care about the needs of the people, that don’t share in people’s pains, is tantamount to arbitrary corruption. They will give it to their party members, loyalists and even hoard it.

“Why is this government not listening? The more you bring such, the more the hardship. The truck of rice will only increase hardship and poverty, that’s not the solution.’’

‘’This is simple mathematics, like God revealed to Pharaoh about famine, God has revealed to prophets the situation of Nigeria, we have said this in 2022 about what Nigeria will experience, it is better the government listens before it kills the economy.

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‘’The government should have taken the trucks to markets across the country and sold them at a very subsidized rate to the needy. The impact will be felt more than giving it to state governors,” he added….READ FULL ARTICLE

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He Is Always Talking About My Structure, My Structure, What Are The Structures For? -Dan Nwanyanwu




According to the report from the Sun, the chairman of the Zenith Labour Party, Dan Nwanyanwu acknowledged that Nyesom Wike possesses significant influence within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at both the state and national levels….READ FULL ARTICLE

He questioned the purpose of these political structures that Wike frequently refers to as his

own, highlighting the fact that these structures existed before Wike’s rise to power.

He suggested that while there might not be explicit evidence in the form of written or verbal statements, the influence and impact of these

structures are evident to those familiar with the inner workings of politics.

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He said, “He (Wike) has the structure of PDP and Rivers, he has the structure of PDP in Rivers, he has the structure of PDP at the national,

and he’s always talking about my structure, my structure, what are the structures for? Somebody had them before you came, you see if you’re looking for evidence that something is written or that something is said,

you won’t find it, if you’re in that game, and you know how these things work, the evidence is everywhere.”…READ FULL ARTICLE

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