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Common Foods That May Be Deadly Or Dangerous To Your Health



It is quite hard to believe that many foods that you eat every day are actually quite poisonous and should be eaten with proper precautions. Eating certain foods in large quantities or unwittingly eating the wrong part of a plant may do more damage to your health than you think. Here are some deadly foods you may not have known about and should watch out for before eating.


Despite their overall health benefits, cherries contain highly poisonous compounds in their leaves and seeds. When the seeds of cherries are crushed, chewed, or even slightly damaged, they produce hydrogen cyanide. Cherries being the most versatile fruit contain hydrogen cyanide which can cause breathing difficulties, headache, anxiety, blood pressure, vomiting, and possibly kidney failure.



One of the deadliest mushrooms in the world is called the Death Cap. There are 100 less poisonous and 12 deadly poisonous mushrooms species in the world. Poisonous mushrooms commonly have properties like bright colour, white grills, small size umbrella like cap, round ball at the base level and poisoning symptoms ranging from headaches to seizures or even death.

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Leaves of rhubarb contain oxalic acid, which can cause many diseases and often lead to formation of kidney stones. Vomitiing, tremors, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, burning in the mouth and throat and bloody urine are the common side effects due to excessive consumption of rhubarb.


Besides adding delicate flavour to various dishes, nutmeg is hallucinogenic if eaten in large quantities. It can cause psychological effects and even worse side effects like nausea, dehydration, elevated heart rate, dry mouth, vomiting and palpitations.


Green potatoes contain a toxic elements known as solanine, which could lead to poisoning by effecting the nervous and digestive systems, causing headaches, fatigue, nausea, weakness, diarrhoea and vomiting. Eating lots of green potatoes will definitely make you sick.

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Fugu a Japanese delicacy, is so poisonous that the smallest mistake in its preparation could be fatal. It is up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide and can cause a fast, violent death. The liver, ovaries and skin of the fish contain the poison tetrodotoxin, which affects a human’s nervous system. Chefs have a special license to be allowed to serve it.


Also known as yuca or manioc, cassava is a staple food in various countries. People should not eat cassava raw or when it is prepared improperly because raw cassava contains chemicals called cyanogenic glycosides, which can release cyanide in the body when consumed which are toxic to ingest. Eating raw cassava can lead to severe side effects like paralyzed legs, intoxication, increased risk of goiter, low levels of iodine and organ damage.

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09/10Raw cashews

Believe it or not, the “raw” cashews are not actually raw and have actually been steamed to remove a chemical called urushiol, a chemical that’s also present in poison ivy. It can be fatal if consumed in large amounts.


There are two types of almonds, the first one is bitter and another one is sweet. The bitter almond is extremely poisonous when it is in raw form as it contains glycoside amygdalin. It is also estimated that every single bitter almonds contains 6mg of hydrogen cyanide, 100 mg of such hydrogen cyanide has enough power to kill you….READ FULL ARTICLE

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Soak Cucumber In Cold Water Overnight And Drink It In The Morning To Cure The Following Sickness




Soak cucumbers in ice water overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning to treat the following health problems:

People usually trade cucumbers for other things because they are a natural good. Minerals found in nature can help the body figure out how to fix structural problems. When cucumber is mixed with the body’s own antibodies in a certain way, it can help treat some infections….READ FULL ARTICLE

Once we figure out how the tides work, we’ll be told how to clean dirty water with the water from diseased cucumbers. If you use this water according to these rules, it won’t make you sick. The way this formula is put together is so good that it does a lot of good things for the body. After seeing the preview, you might want to see the movie.

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Cucumber has been used to treat many different health problems, but this piece of soaked cucumber would be looked at to see if it could do that.

Step-by-step instructions for getting ready The first step is to pick a cucumber. Make sure to clean it well on the inside and outside.

Get a bowl for the second step. Soak it in almost-freezing water for a while.

The cucumber is used to drinking the bad water in the bowl at this point. If it’s too big, cut it into about the right-sized pieces.

Tell a few close friends the same thing. The present should come before the future.

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Step 5: Don’t eat cucumbers for breakfast. You can make water taste better by adding milk or honey to it. Stop drinking; you’re done.

It helps fix this particular problem in the body.

1) It can make your breath smell better.

Second, it makes it less likely that bad things will happen.

Third, it helps relieve stomach pain, even from ulcers.

It keeps the body’s frame flexible and moves force in the right direction.

It looks at how the body moves very carefully.

Please keep in mind that the terms above are not meant to replace a well-thought-out plan or presentation. Recent research and clinical experience have shown that this condition is safe and effective for a wide range of patients. We haven’t been able to reach any of our old customers. Keep living your best life and staying healthy…READ FULL ARTICLE

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BREAKING: Nigerian Governor’s Son Arrested For Murder




A report has it that the son of a Nigerian governor has been arrested for murder in an unnamed country overseas.

According to information from PIDOM Nigeria, it is said that the governor has travelled to the country to influence his son’s released but all to no avail.

‘Breaking News! The son of a current governor in a certain state in Nigeria, committed murder in a foreign country, and is currently been detained. The governor has gone there to use his influence, but no way. He has offered to pay billions to the family of the deceased, but no way. I am still monitoring the case.’’

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In an update, the platform mentioned that the governor in question is Prof Zulum of Borno state.

‘’The son of Borno state governor Professor Zulum, has murdered someone in far away India, and he is currently been detained. His father has gone there to use his influence and diplomatic means to settle the case, but no way. He has offered to pay the family of the deceased billions, but no way.’’…READ FULL ARTICLE

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5 Reasons Why You Pour Saliva On Your Pillow While Sleeping




1. Normal physiological process: Saliva production is a natural bodily function that helps keep your mouth moist. During sleep, the muscles in your mouth and throat relax, which can lead to increased saliva production. This excess saliva may accumulate and drool onto your pillow.

2. Sleep position The position in which you sleep can affect saliva flow. Sleeping on your side or stomach can allow saliva to escape from your mouth, leading to drooling. Gravity also plays a role, as saliva tends to pool and trickle downwards while lying down.

3. Sleeping disorders Certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea can cause changes in saliva production and control. Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, leading to mouth dryness followed by excessive saliva production when breathing resumes. This can result in drooling during sleep.

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