Most Politicians Are Businessmen; So, They Join Politics For The Sake Of Business -Bafarawa


Attahiru Bafarawa, a former Sokoto State governor, highlighted a perspective that many politicians are essentially businessmen who enter politics for business purposes. He pointed out that in his observation, the majority of politicians are driven by commercial interests rather than ideological convictions.

Bafarawa also noted a trend of politicians switching parties, suggesting that party affiliations may not always reflect significant ideological differences. In his view, the real issue lies in the lack of effective governance in the country, which results in suffering for the people due to the absence of a neutral arbiter in the political landscape.

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In an interview with The Punch, Bafarawa said,

“At the end of the day, most politicians are businessmen; so, they join politics for the sake of business. It’s just a rotational thing. If you look at the All Progressives Congress, 80 per cent of its members are from the Peoples Democratic Party. So, what’s different is just the name, but they are the same people with the same beliefs. It’s not a question of party now; it’s a question of the country. The people are suffering because there’s no umpire in the game.”..…….See More

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