JUST IN: Wike Knows That Aside From God, The Biggest Players Who Have Supported Him Are The Ijaws -Edwin Clark

According to The Nation, Chief Edwin Clark, a prominent Ijaw leader, has publicly disagreed with Senator George Sekibo regarding the perceived influence of Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State, on the political fortunes of the Ijaw people....READ FULL ARTICLE

Sekibo had recently spearheaded the formation of the Ijaw Peoples Congress, a group that praised Wike for supporting the election of an Ijaw governor in Rivers State. This commendation has sparked a contentious debate within the Ijaw community.

Chief Clark argues that Sekibo’s actions seem to place undue credit on Wike, suggesting that this amounts to sacrificing the core interests of the Ijaw people for political gains. He pointed out that the Ijaw community has long agitated for greater representation and leadership within Rivers State, independent of Wike’s involvement. According to Clark, the push for an Ijaw governor predates the recent political maneuvers that have highlighted Wike’s purported support.

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Further, Clark emphasized that the Ijaws have consistently backed Wike during his political career, particularly in the 2015 and 2019 elections. He stated that the community never sought to gain undue favors or bow to Wike despite their significant support.

Clark contends that the Ijaw people’s political contributions have been substantial and pivotal in Wike’s rise, asserting that there is no need to seek Wike’s approval or be apologetic for their actions.

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In reflecting on the broader struggle, Clark noted that the Ijaw people’s advocacy has always transcended tribal lines, aiming to unify various political actors across different ethnic groups.

He implied that their historical sacrifices and collective efforts have been integral to fostering unity and progress within the state, suggesting that attributing their successes solely to Wike undermines the broader communal effort.

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He said: “ Nyesom Wike

knows, that aside from God, the biggest players who have supported him to rise to his political level today, are the Ijaws, including myself. I am sure he knows the roles I have played in his political ascendency. There is, therefore, no need to be apologetic to Barr. Nyesom Wike, when there is no offence.

In the course of the Ijaws fighting for people of all tribes, it was almost a daily occurrence with all the political actors seeing ourselves as one…READ FULL ARTICLE