I Don’t Take Drugs, I Don’t Drink Alcohol, People Want to Destroy My Career With Fake Mad Video – Hanks Anuku

In an interview with Lucky Udu, veteran Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku cleared the air on allegations that he is mad and always on hard drugs. He said, “I don’t take any hard substances or any hot drinks. I do drink beer occasionally, but I don’t consume any other alcoholic drinks or hard drugs.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

“When I saw my video circulating on social media depicting me as a madman, it really broke me down. I don’t know why someone would video me without my permission and post it online. That video destroyed a lot for me. It made people I had business with terminate our agreements, believing that I am insane. My twin brother and other family members distanced themselves from me, thinking I am either on drugs or insane.”

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“But nobody wanted to listen to me. What really happened is that there’s this movie we were shooting at the time, and my role was that of a madman. Like I always do, I rehearsed my role separately before going on set. That’s one of the reasons I always play my roles very well. So, for this movie, where I was supposed to be mad, I decided to rehearse near my house along the road, dressing like a madman and talking to myself like a madman. A lot of people there knew that I am an actor and that I normally rehearse my parts in that area. However, someone passing by recorded me and posted it on social media, claiming that I am mad.”

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“This can only happen in Nigeria, where someone can video another person without their consent and post it online. That video really broke me down. No director called me again to act for them. I tried to explain to some people, but some wouldn’t listen to me.”

“My return to Nigeria has made me poor. I was living well before, but I decided to come back to Nigeria to act because acting is what I really love doing. I was raised in the UK and spent most of my years in the USA. I have traveled to many countries and speak many languages. I speak my native Igbo language, as well as Yoruba and Hausa languages. I also speak Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, and many other European languages.”

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“But right now, that single video that someone recorded and posted online, labeling me as a madman, has left me unemployed. Nobody wants me in their movies anymore. Well, I thank God that there are people who know me and understand that I am not mad or on drugs. Sometimes, I do get depressed when I remember who I was before leaving everything to join Nollywood. But I thank God for life and His mercy towards me and my family.”…READ FULL ARTICLE

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