Diabetes Is Under Very Serious Control, My Sleep Apnea Has Gone -Okupe


Former presidential spokesperson Doyin Okupe recently shared his remarkable health improvements during an interview with Channels Television. Okupe reported experiencing several health benefits, including the disappearance of his hypertension, better control over his diabetes, the vanishing of his sleep apnea, and the undetectability of his previously diagnosed fatty liver.

Okupe expressed his gratitude for these significant health improvements and emphasized his commitment to maintaining his new lifestyle. He underscored the profound impact these changes have had on his overall well-being, highlighting the importance of his disciplined approach to health and wellness.

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Okupe attributed his health turnaround to substantial lifestyle changes, particularly in regulating his diet and eating in moderation. He explained that his disciplined approach has eliminated his food cravings, making it easier for him to adhere to his new habits.According to Okupe, his method involves carefully regulating what he eats and ensuring he consumes food in moderation.

He expressed gratitude for the health benefits he has seen, noting that these positive changes have made it difficult for him to revert to his old habits. Reflecting on the specific health benefits, Okupe highlighted that his hypertension is gone, his diabetes is under very serious control, his sleep apnea has disappeared, and his fatty liver is no longer detectable.

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He said, “I regulate what I eat; I don’t eat just anything, and whatever I eat, I eat in moderation, not like before, and I don’t crave anymore; I don’t crave for food. That’s it, and I’m just grateful to God for that, and because I see typical benefit, it’s difficult for me to go back to my old ways. You know, my hypertension has gone, my diabetes is under very serious control, my sleep apnea has disappeared, my fatty liver is no more, you can’t find it anywhere, and it’s helping me recover. So, I can’t leave all that and just go back; I’m not going to go back.”……….See More

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