You Have Mourn Jnr Pope Enough, You Are Not His Wife -Actor Munagor Collins Calls Out Ruby Orjiakor


Munagor Collins has taken to social media to deliver a subtle rebuke to Ruby Orjiakor, who has been on a relentless name-calling spree against colleagues she believes haven’t mourned the late Junior Pope adequately.

The veteran actor, while maintaining a composed demeanor, urged Ruby to put an end to her tirades, asserting that she has already paid her respects to her departed friend more than enough.

He argued that her incessant, dramatic outbursts are completely unnecessary, especially considering she is not the widow of the late actor.

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Muonagor Collins, a venerable figure in Nollywood, has sparked a wave of reactions online with his admonitory message to colleague Ruby Orjiakor, following her recent outburst over the late Junior Pope.

WITHIN NIGERIA recently reported that Ruby Orjiakor observed how, while the late actor Junior Pope’s spirit had hardly rested, his close friend Baba Rex reportedly used the tragic event to create content.

She accused the embattled movie producer Adanma Luke of not feeling guilt over the tragic incident but claimed that the late actor was begging her for roles.

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In response to Ruby Orjiakor’s outbursts against colleagues Nosa and Adanma, Muonagor Collins took to his Instagram page with a cautionary message.

He made it clear that the way Ruby mourns Junior Pope is different from how others choose to grieve, reiterating that mourning is a deeply personal process.

Collins pointed out that Ruby is also guilty of the same accusations she has leveled against her colleagues, namely using Junior Pope’s tragic saga to create content.

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The actor warned Ruby that those currently supporting her extended mourning and rants against her colleagues might soon turn against her. He cautioned that these same individuals could start malicious rumors, suggesting she had a relationship with the late actor beyond mere friendship.

He further advised Ruby to exercise caution, reminding her that she is not Junior Pope’s widow and asserting that she has grieved him well enough..……See More

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