They Destroy Alaba International Market, Do You Expect Those People To Vote For Them? -Galadima


The Spokesman of the NNPP, Buba Galadima has alleged that the destruction of the Alaba electronics market in Lagos could affect the APC government in 2027 election.

He argued that the recent actions of the government have eroded trust in the ruling party. He stated that the inability of people across the country to safely engage in fundamental activities like farming further exacerbates the chances of the APC.

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He said in an interview with The Sun, ”If the APC don’t perform, why can’t another party oust them in 2027? And if they don’t perform and you choose them, you can’t call on us to come and help you. We went to Lagos, Alaba Rago. That is the vast Hausa market in Lagos, on the way to Badagry. And we asked them to vote for us and they promised to vote for us.

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Later on, APC came and asked them to vote for them. So, they made a choice, they voted for APC. And now, all their means of livelihood for the last 7 years was destroyed. Do you expect them to still vote for APC. They destroyed the Alaba International market, do you expect those people to vote for them? So if across the country, people cannot even go to their farm, you think they will still vote for the ruling party?”..…..See More

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