I Will Always Fight For The Police, They Are About To Be Removed From Their Barrack -Rufai Oseni


Renowned media personality Rufai Oseni has pledged to advocate for police officers facing eviction from their barracks.

Oseni revealed that several officers contacted him, expressing their concerns about the impending removal from their homes.

“I will always fight for the police,” Oseni stated. “Some police officers called me yesterday, worried that they are about to be removed from their barracks.”

The situation stems from the fact that the barracks are not police property but belong to the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), which had allocated them for police use.

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However, since their inception, these barracks have not been rehabilitated or maintained by the police authorities, leaving individual occupants to manage self-maintenance as needed.

After redevelopment by private developers, the barracks will cease to exist and will be sold to the highest bidders.

Current information indicates that developers will receive 60 percent of the shares, while the police will take 40 percent.

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Recent developments in police barracks in Lagos State and Jabi, Abuja, have seen each occupant receiving less than two million naira to vacate their homes within a short notice period of less than three months.

This sudden displacement has caused significant distress among the officers and their families.

Oseni highlighted the severe impact of these evictions on the officers’ ability to perform their duties effectively.

“Considering the difficulties of relocation and the hardships of this time, how do you expect these affected officers to perform their lawful duties? PLEASE HELP OUR FAMILIES FROM DISPLACEMENT,” he appealed.

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The issue has sparked public outcry, with many calling for a more humane and considerate approach to the eviction process.

As the debate continues, Oseni remains steadfast in his commitment to supporting the police officers and advocating for their rights..……See More

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