Reactions As Report Shows The Annual Salaries Of The President, VP And Lawmakers In 1979 And 2024


A report showing the annual salaries that the Nigerian President, Vice President, federal lawmakers and ministers earn in 2024 as against what their annual earnings were in 1979 has been generating mixed reactions from Nigerians.

According to the report which was published on X by StatiSense, it was shown that the Nigerian President currently earns N14.06 million annually as salary, while the Vice President’s annual salary was said to be N12.13 million.

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The Senate President earns N8.69 million annual salary, while the Speaker of the House of Representatives earns an annual salary of N4.95 million. The ministers were said to be earning N7.8 million as annual salary.

This is a huge contrast from what the government officials were earning in 1979. According to the report which was obtained from the Independence Newspaper, the Nigerian President was earning N50,000 as annual salary in 1979, while the Vice President was earning an annual salary of N30,000.

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Below is the screenshot of the report:

The report has been trailed by reactions from members of the public, with many taking to the comments section to share their views on it..…..See More

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