Nowhere In The World Has Labor Ever Tampered With The National Grid- Senator George Akume


On 6th June, 2024 the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator George Akume while addressing the National Executive Council of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), revealed that there was nowhere in the world that the Labour Union had ever tampered with the national grid.

According to Vanguard, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator George Akume said “Nowhere in the world has labor ever tampered with the national grid. It is treason! A treasonable felony is economic sabotage, you don’t do that. We are trying to rebuild the economy. The president is picking up, and they want to destroy it. Of what use is that to all of us? That is not the way. In 2019, the minimum wage was legislated up to 30,000 naira. It is an exclusive issue in the constitution, not on the concurrent list, but on the exclusive legislative list. That is why it is the federal government, working with organized private sector and labor, that recommends it to the president for the national assembly’s attention.”

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Senator George Akume urged the good citizens of Nigeria to remain calm amidst the current economic hardship facing the country. He also added that it was not that they were not working, they were working, and that was why they implemented the thirty-five thousand naira wage award to cushion the removal of the fuel subsidy, which was more than the current minimum wage..…….See More

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