A Guy Sent A Message To My DM, He Told Me If We Can’t Kidnap Your Daughter We Will Kidnap Your Son


Actress Toyin Abraham has bravely come forward, revealing the disturbing reality of the harassment and threats she’s been enduring due to her support for the APC and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, during the 2023 election campaign.

Speaking with On-Air Personality Daddy Freeze on Facebook, Toyin recounted a harrowing incident where an individual on Instagram issued menacing threats against her and her family.

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Shockingly, the person conveyed intentions to harm her children and even suggested kidnapping and murder if they couldn’t reach their sinister goals. Initially, Toyin attempted to shrug off such alarming messages, but as they persisted with increased frequency and intensity, she could no longer ignore the seriousness of the situation. Despite her initial hesitation, Toyin expressed appreciation for the Nigerian Police for their intervention in addressing the threats.

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In her own words, Toyin shared the chilling details of the threats she received: “A guy sent a message to my DM, he told me ‘if we can’t kidnap your daughter we will kidnap your son or we will kidnap you and make sure we kill you’. I said what happen?”

This revelation sheds light on the dangers faced by public figures who openly express their political affiliations in Nigeria’s charged political landscape. Despite the risks, Toyin’s bravery in speaking out underscores the importance of addressing threats and harassment in the online sphere..……See More

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