When My Baby Was Sick, My Husband Abandoned Me & The Baby At The Hospital Until He Died -Woman Said


Upcoming Yoruba movie actress and businesswoman, Abiola Kate Lawal, has courageously shared heartbreaking details about the difficult moments she endured during her previous marriage. In an interview with Biola Adebayo on the Talk-To-B YouTube channel, Lawal revealed how she was treated unfairly by her ex-husband and his family, particularly during a traumatic period when their child fell critically ill.

Recounting the harrowing experience, Lawal disclosed that when her baby required medical treatment, she was abandoned by her ex-husband and his family, leaving her to face the ordeal alone. “When I took my baby to the hospital, the doctor said they needed to give him a drip on his head, but the head started swelling up, and they had to remove it,” she said, describing the initial stages of her child’s condition.

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As the situation grew more dire, Lawal found herself in an unimaginably challenging position, lacking even the most basic necessities to care for her ailing child. “I could not even afford to buy tea for the baby when he was hungry, and my ex-husband and his mother didn’t show up at the hospital,” she revealed, her voice heavy with emotion.

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Tragically, the absence of support from her ex-husband and his family during this critical time had devastating consequences. “When my baby was sick, my husband abandoned me and the baby at the hospital until he died,” Lawal shared, laying bare the depth of her anguish and the profound loss she endured..…….See More

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