One Of The Most Shameful Things I Have Seen Is When Men Try To Marry Women For Money -Pastor Idowu


Pastor Bolaji Idowu, speaking at Harvesters International Christian Centre, delivered a passionate sermon condemning the practice of men marrying women solely for financial gain. He expressed his disapproval of individuals who prioritize financial security over personal growth and character in a marital relationship.

Pastor Idowu termed this behavior as one of the most shameful things he has witnessed, criticizing the mindset where men view marrying into wealth as a strategy for success.

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He questioned the motives behind such actions, highlighting the lack of self-belief and self-worth that could lead someone to seek solely financial security in a partner.

Pastor Idowu also criticized the consumer mentality prevalent in these situations, where individuals approach marriage as a transaction rather than a sacred union based on mutual love and understanding.

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According to The Nation, Pastor ldowu said,

“One of the most shameful things I have seen is when men try to marry women for money. How can you be a grown man and your dream in life for success, your strategy for success is I will find a rich girl from a rich family and I will marry her? Is it because you believe there is nothing in you that can produce? That is the consumer mentality.”………..See More

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