Israel Is In A Fight For It’s Life, Hamas Intentionally Uses The Palestines As Human Shields -Graham


Senator Lindsey Graham, in a recent tweet from his verified Twitter account, praised the House of Representatives for voting in a bipartisan manner to impose sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC). The sanctions come as a response to what Graham called “outrageous” allegations made by the ICC against Israel.

Graham specifically thanked Speaker Johnson for leading the charge on the vote. He stressed that the sanctions are crucial not just for defending Israel, but also for safeguarding U.S. military personnel. The senator emphasized the importance of sending a strong message to counter what he views as a grave miscarriage of justice.

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“I firmly believe it is Israel today and it will be America tomorrow if we don’t send a strong signal against this travesty of justice,” Graham declared in his statement. He framed the current conflict Israel is engaged in as an existential battle for survival, directly accusing Hamas of instigating the violence.

Graham alleged that Hamas is utilizing Palestinian civilians as human shields, and placed the blame for the conflict squarely on the shoulders of the militant organization rather than on Israel. “Hamas is the source of this problem, not Israel,” he asserted unambiguously.

Looking forward, the senator pledged to work to ensure that the bill passed by the House makes it to the Senate floor. He expressed his commitment to working with his Democratic Senate colleagues to build broad, bipartisan backing for the legislation.

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“I will do all I can to make sure the House bill comes to the floor of the Senate, and I will be working with my Democratic colleagues to see if we can make the vote broad and bipartisan,” Graham said, underscoring his dedication to pushing the sanctions bill through the Senate.

The ICC, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, is an international tribunal established to prosecute individuals for international crimes including genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. The United States is not a party to the Rome Statute which established the ICC, and has had a tense relationship with the court since its inception in 2002.

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Israel has also had a fraught relationship with the ICC. In December 2019, ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced the opening of an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Palestinian territories, a move that was heavily criticized by both the U.S. and Israel………See More

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