I Didn’t Join Politics Because Of Peter Obi, Peter Obi Didn’t Pay My School Fees -Babachir Lawal


According to a report from The Sun newspaper, Babachir Lawal, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), has offered insight into his rationale for entering the political arena and lending his support to the presidential bid of Peter Obi. Lawal emphatically stated that his decision was not motivated by personal gain or blind loyalty, but rather by a sense of duty to protect the interests of Nigeria’s Northern region.

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Asserting his independence and foresight, Lawal claimed to have carefully evaluated the various political options available to him. Ultimately, he concluded that a Bola Tinubu presidency would inflict irreparable harm upon the North, prompting his decision to back Obi’s candidacy.

Lawal implied that his background and expertise have rendered him immune to the temptations of political patronage or favor-seeking, enabling him to act as an impartial observer of the political landscape. “I didn’t join politics because of Peter Obi. Peter Obi didn’t pay my school fees,” he stated, underscoring his autonomy in making this choice.

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Lawal further elaborated, “I wasn’t going to consider myself as a beneficiary of Peter Obi’s government because I considered myself above that. No, I decide whether I would accept or not.” These remarks suggest that Lawal’s decision was not contingent upon the prospect of personal gain or favors from an Obi administration.

Ultimately, Lawal’s support for Obi appears to stem from his belief that the continuation of certain governments would have dire consequences for the Northern region. “So, I realized that the north would have been completely destroyed and annihilated if these governments continue this way,” he warned, implying that Obi’s platform offered a more favorable path for the North’s interests.…….See More

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