In What Universe Would Army Consider This Kind Of Disgusting Conduct Normal And Recording? -Farotimi


In a recent statement via his official X account, Dele Farotimi, a well-known human rights lawyer and public speaker, has addressed the treatment of an underage Aba resident by the Nigerian Army in response to the recent killings of five military personnel in the state.

“In what universe would an army or law enforcement agency consider this kind of disgusting conduct normal and worthy of recording? One day go be one day,” Farotimi wrote.

The incident in question revolves around the reported mistreatment of a young resident of Aba by members of the Nigerian Army.

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This action by the military has brought outrage and raised concerns about the treatment of civilians, especially minors, in conflict situations.

Farotimi’s statement highlights the implications of the situation and calls into question the ethical standards upheld by security forces.

His statement underlines the level of the issue and underlines the need for accountability and respect for human rights.

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The incident comes in the wake of heightened tensions in the region following the killing of five military personnel..…….See More

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