I Wear Baggy Clothes To Studio So That I Won’t Be Seduced By Men Because My Body Is Attractive -Tems


Popular Nigerian music star Tems has revealed why she likes to dress up in baggy clothes whenever she is going to the studio, while also stating how she has been trying to become a producer because of her objective as an artist.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Afrotoday during an interview, she disclosed that she wears baggy clothes to the studio so that all eyes will not be on her because of her attractive body.

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In her statement, she said, “I used to not always like my body, but I just didn’t understand a lot of things.

“I was going to a lot of studios alone, meeting people that I had never met, and I would message people that I wanted to be a producer because of my objectives, which were that I just wanted to make music.

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“I wear baggy clothes to the studio so that I won’t be seduced by men because my body is attractive.

“Wearing baggy clothes worked for me a lot because we just get to work without being seduced.”……..See More

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