The Only Man On Earth That Wants To See You Succeed More Than Him In Life Is Your Father -Jim Iyke


Jim Iyke, a well-known actor, producer, and director from Nigeria, recently made an appearance on the Teju Baby Face Show, where he discussed numerous topics. Nothing inspires you more than the person you hold in high esteem, Jim said throughout the event. The gifted actor went on to say that, aside from one’s father, no one on this planet cares more about one’s success than one’s father.

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“In his Words” Maybe you would want to take this seriously or maybe you don’t; I’m telling you this because it serves as an example in life and because you’re not made to do this. Your only real inspiration is the one person you look up to. No one on this planet cares more about your happiness and success than your father.

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Not your best friend, not your sibling, not even your family. The only man who can pray this way—that you are greater than him—is the one who is content with his place in this world. According to Jim Iyke, “I just needed you to know, buy one building, use your clout to sell it, and boom next week it’s sold.” This story is based on his closest friend’s advice, who introduced him to business and is actually helping him through his current real estate venture..…….See More

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