Obaseki Told Me Tinubu Abused Him So Much That He’d Rather Die Than Run For 2nd Term -Charles Idahosa


Charles Idahosa, a former ally of Governor Goodwin Obaseki, has shared how he allegedly prevented Obaseki from giving up on running for a second term due to a feud with his predecessor, former Governor Adams Oshiomhole

In a recent report by Punch, Idahosa said Obaseki had a meeting with Tinubu who was then the national leader of the APC to resolve the feud between him and Oshiomhole. He said after the meeting, Obaseki told him that Tinubu abused him and he would resign and let Oshiomhole choose someone else to run for governor.

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Idahosa said he encouraged Oshiomhole to stay strong and not quit. He said he then took it upon himself to oppose Oshiomhole more vigorously, which helped boost Obaseki’s confidence. He said this situation led to the creation of the popular slogan, “Edo no be Lagos” and the slogan became a powerful symbol during Obaseki’s re-election campaign

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In Idahosa’s words: “Obaseki told me Tinubu abused him so much that he would rather die than run for 2nd term”..…..See More

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