Yunusa Tanko Reacts To The Comment That Obi Made After Gunmen Killed Some Military Personnel In Abia


Labour Party chieftain Dr. Yunusa Tanko responded to a comment made by former Anambra State governor Peter Gregory Obi, following the killing of several military personnel in Abia State by gunmen. Obi expressed his deep sorrow and condemnation of the attack on social media.

In his post, Peter Obi said, “I am appalled and saddened by the attack on our brave soldiers in Abia State yesterday, resulting in the death of five soldiers. This dastardly act remains condemnable as it is a stark reminder of the escalating insecurity and violence that has continued to plague our nation under our collective watch. My heart goes out in solidarity and sincere condolences to my dear brother, Dr. Alex Otti, Governor of Abia State, and the good people of the state.”

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Yunusa Tanko highlighted that Obi not only condemned the attack but also commended the Nigerian soldiers for their bravery. Tanko’s response emphasized the recognition of the soldiers’ efforts in defending the country’s sovereignty.

He stated, “Not only did Peter Obi condemn the dastardly act of killing our gallant soldiers, he praised the Nigerian Soldiers for their gallantry and defense of the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

This exchange underscores the gravity of the security situation in Nigeria and the importance of recognizing and supporting the efforts of military personnel amidst ongoing violence..…….See More

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