Since I Got Pregnant, My Mom Would Wake Me Up At Night To Beat Me And I Was Forced To Run Away -Lady Said


Upcoming Yoruba movie actress Funke Dunis Jegede has revealed some of the struggles that she has faced in her life as a result of her parents’ negligence, including being forcefully molested by a truck driver.

In an emotional interview with Biola Adebayo on the official YouTube channel of Talk To B, Funke recounted the harrowing experience that led to her pregnancy and subsequent hardships.

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In her statement, she said, “My mother was staying in a room despite the fact that she was making enough money from her food-selling business. We very much stayed late in the night in my mother’s shop, and a truck driver who promised to sponsor my education came to check on me. I was forcefully molested by a driver inside a truck, and he ran away when I got pregnant for him.”

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Funke further explained the severe repercussions she faced at home. “Since I got pregnant, my mother would wake me up in the middle of the night to beat me, and I was forced to run away from home, where I started sleeping in shanties.”

The interview sheds light on the challenges Funke endured and highlights her resilience in overcoming these traumatic events. Despite the adversities, Funke has continued to pursue her career in the Yoruba movie industry..……See More

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