Around 5am, Armies Invaded My House, Broke The Gate And Took My 15-Year Old Brother And Sister -Lady Said


According to a report published by Punch, in the early hours of Friday morning, Dr. Rose Agwu, a Nigerian medical practitioner, made an urgent plea for assistance after her home in Abia State was raided by military officers.

During the raid, her 15-year-old brother and sister were arrested. The incident occurred around 5 am near Obikabia Junction in Aba.

According to Dr. Agwu, soldiers forcibly entered her residence, breaking the gate and door, and took her siblings without explanation, leaving behind her 72-year-old father.

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Dr. Agwu shared her distress in a series of posts on her X handle, stating, “Around 5 am in the morning, the Nigerian Army invaded my house, broke the gate and our door, and took my 15-year-old brother and my sister, who had just come home, away, leaving only my aged father.”

The raid came in the wake of an attack on an Army checkpoint in Aba on Thursday, which resulted in the deaths of five soldiers. The Nigerian military had vowed to find and apprehend those responsible for the attack.

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However, as of Friday, Dr. Agwu reported that her siblings were still in custody, with no information provided about their whereabouts or the reasons for their arrest. She expressed her fears and concerns, noting that June 1 was her sister’s birthday.

“At exactly this time 5 am yesterday while I was at the hospital running my Accident and Emergency shift and saving lives, the Nigerian army broke into my home, forced my 72-year-old father to sit in an unhealthy position while they took away my 15-year-old brother and sister,” she wrote.

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Dr. Agwu’s family remains in a state of panic and fear. She emphasized the lack of due process during the raid, criticizing the absence of an arrest warrant and official communication.

“Children are experiencing something traumatic even to a grown adult. How will my siblings recover from this assault and abuse of their human rights?” she questioned..…….See More

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