Anthem: Have We Questioned The Man Who Changed It, Just Because He’s The President? -Victor Attah


Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Victor Attah, recently addressed the controversial changes made to the national anthem and the constitution. He questioned the rationale behind these changes and the seemingly endless discussions surrounding them.

Attah began by discussing the actions of the president, who decided to introduce a different constitution. “The president decided he wanted a different constitution and went to the National Assembly. The National Assembly agreed and passed it,” he said.

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Attah expressed frustration over the repetitive nature of these discussions. “We just keep wasting time dancing around the same thing,” he remarked. He questioned the necessity of frequent changes to national symbols and laws, asking, “Why? How many countries are there that have had anthems for centuries and have not changed?”

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His comments reflect a broader concern about the constant modifications and the possible lack of thorough consideration behind them. Attah’s remarks suggest a need for a more thoughtful approach to such significant changes, emphasizing stability and continuity in national symbols and laws.

In conclusion, Attah’s statements call for introspection on the part of the nation’s leadership and citizens, urging them to consider whether these changes are genuinely necessary or merely a result of transient political motivations..……..See More

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