Aba Resident Cries Out, Explains How Army Invaded Her Home And Took Away Her Brother And Sister


People living in Aba, a town in Abia State, are scared and worried because some soldiers came into a family’s home and took away two children. This happened after some bad people had attacked and hurt some other soldiers near the town, which made the soldiers angry.

A lady named Rose Agwu, who is a doctor and lives in the same house, told everyone about what happened to her family. She said that on June 1st, which was also her sister’s birthday, the soldiers came into their home very early in the morning while everyone was still sleeping.

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According to Punch newspaper, The soldiers scared everyone and made Rose’s old father sit in a very uncomfortable way. They then took away her 15-year-old brother and sister, and did not say why they were doing this or where they were taking them.

Rose wrote on her social media page that her family is now very worried and frightened, not knowing where her younger brother and sister are or if they are okay. She asked people to help her family find out why the soldiers did this and how to make sure her brother and sister are safe and can come back home.

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The army has not said anything about what happened or where Rose’s brother and sister are. But after the attack on the soldiers, the army said that they would find the people who did it and make them pay for what they did.

Now, people in Aba are scared and want things to be safe and normal again. They hope that Rose’s brother and sister come back home soon and that the problems in their town can be fixed.…….See More

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