A 90-Year-Old American Woman Gave Me A Slap Because Of Earrings While Taking Care Of Her-Lola Alao


Lola Alao, a well-known Yoruba movie actress, shared a poignant story about her time working as a caregiver in the United States.

During an interview with Kunle Afod on Kunleafodtv’s YouTube channel, she recounted an incident where a 90-year-old woman slapped her over an earring while she was assisting her.

In her statement, she said, “When I first arrived in America, my friend advised me to start working as a caregiver so that I wouldn’t be idle.

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“I listened to her advice, and I enrolled in a school to study caregiving for a year, and my first job after the school was with an American woman.

I received a slap from a 90-year-old American woman while I was caring for her because of her earrings.

“I used to bathe her and feed her because she has dementia.

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“After the slap, I told my friend that I was no longer interested in the job because the job wasn’t easy for me.”..…..See More

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