“The Military Would Be Fierce In It’s Response” Nigerian Army Reacts To Death Of 5 Soldiers In Abia


The Nigerian Army has responded to the tragic incident where five soldiers, who were tasked with safeguarding civilians in Abia State, were killed. The Army’s reaction comes after the unfortunate event occurred on Friday.

Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, issued a statement to Vanguard, attributing the heinous attack on the soldiers to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which allegedly occurred the previous day.

The Nigerian Army has pledged to take a robust stance in response to the brutal killing of its personnel at a checkpoint in Abia State.

Read the full statement: “Troops of OP UDO KA deployed at Obikabia Junction Checkpoint in Obingwa Local Government Areas adjourning Aba metropolis in Abia State were attacked and sadly killed by terrorists of IPOB/ ESN.”

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The Nigerian Army has released a statement regarding the tragic incident where a group of soldiers, tasked with maintaining peace and safeguarding citizens in the area, were ambushed and attacked by terrorists.

The assailants, traveling in three tinted Toyota Prado SUVs and other vehicles, launched a surprise assault on the checkpoint from the surrounding built-up areas.

The attack resulted in the unfortunate loss of five brave soldiers. The armed forces deeply mourn the passing of these troops, as each soldier lost in battle is a devastating blow. The military is currently conducting investigations to gather more information about the attack.

“The troops deployed to enforce peace in the area and protect the citizens were mass-attacked by the terrorists. The terrorists, in three tinted Prado Toyota SUVs and others, from built-up areas surrounding the checkpoint, sprang a surprise attack on the checkpoint.”

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“The attack sadly took the lives of 5 personnel of the armed forces killed in action. The armed forces mourn the death of these troops as each and every soldier lost in battle is a terrible loss. Meanwhile, investigations concerning the attack are ongoing.”

In general, it is crucial to emphasize that the support of the people is vital to the sustenance of terrorist activities, and this case is no different. Achieving victory in the fight against terrorism becomes significantly challenging without the backing of the populace.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) exploited this dynamic to carry out assaults on the troops. This scenario underscores the need for further improvement and action.

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“Overall, it must be reiterated that the lifeline of the terrorist is the people and this situation is no exemption. Winning the war without the support of the people is close to impossible. The IPOB capitalized on this to perpetrate attacks on the troops. The situation leaves more to be desired.”

“Accordingly, it is absolutely imperative that the military retaliate against this dastardly act against troops. The military would be fierce in its response. We would bring overwhelming military pressure on the group to ensure their total defeat.”.……..See More

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