The Late Lamido Took Me As His Child, He Sent Me Messages In Prison And Gave Me A Refrigerator -Obasanjo


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo recently shared a story about the kindness he received from a traditional ruler, Lamido, while he was in prison. He explained that during his time in Adamawa, late Lamido treated him like his own child.

In a video recently shared on YouTube by TVC, Obasanjo said while he was in prison, Lamido gave him a refrigerator and sent him messages. He said Lamido also wanted to give him an air conditioner to make him more comfortable but he declined the offer. He said he explained that the prison authorities might remove it and Lamido eventually gave him a fan.

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In Obasanjo’s words: “The late Lamido took me as his child, he sent me messages in prison and gave me a refrigerator. If you go to my presidential library today, you will find that refrigerator there. But not only that, he told me that he will send an air conditioner and I sent a message back, I said ‘your Eminence, the man who put me here did not want me to have the pleasure of an air conditioner, so if you give me an air conditioner, the prison authority may remove it, so let us leave it at a fan’. So I had a fan installed in my cell”.…….See More

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