5 Things You Should Do When Your Woman Is On Her Period


Your woman expects you to be with her when she gets that cramps called menstruation.

Many guys feel queasy or run away when a woman ever talks about her menstrual cycles, that just sad. If you really love her. As a man, I know that during the monthly period women have mood swings, they feel uncomfortable, terrible cramps, hormonal shifts, some get angry, so sluggish, immobile or feel like having a man.

Here Are 5 Ways To Be An Amazing Boyfriend when Your Woman Is On Her Period.

1. Buy her Sanitary Pads.

It will be a good idea to help your woman with tampons or menstrual cups, things she mostly uses during her menstrual period. Now the brand and size your woman often uses without being asked.

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Be great when your woman is on her period, show her you really care and love her for who she is on her period moment, never look at her bad side at that moment.

If you notice your woman is being toxic or annoying for no good reasons, just try to notice if she’s on her period or not. It might be the cause of her getting upset for no good reasons.

2. Become Comfortable With The Idea.

Never freak out or run away because your woman is on her period, give disgusted facial expressions when your woman talk about her menstruation with you. The last thing your woman wants is for you to act irritated or run away from her because she’s on her period, you should become comfortable with it.

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3. Foods.

Provide food for her, as a lovely boyfriend or husband. Women feel weak or lazy when they are on their period.

Buy her ice cream, shawarma, make her eat even if she doesn’t want to eat. If possible, cook her favorite food. It doesn’t make you a weak man, but a responsible and caring boyfriend or husband.

So as a man, it is good, you get your woman food when she’s on her period. Avoid sugary foods during her periods because it will make the camps worse.

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4. Physical Contact.

Women love it when their man is with them on their period cycle. They love it when their man rubs them on the belly, it makes them feel good.

5. Be Sensitive.

Check up on her every time to confirm how she’s doing and if the pain has reduced.

Just make yourself available to her and keep her company during that moment makes her feel happy and at peace.………See More

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