Why I Park My Cars And Bike In My Living Room -Dino Melaye


Dino Melaye, a former Nigerian senator and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, has sparked interest and controversy with his unconventional approach to parking his vehicles. In a recent statement, Melaye revealed that he parks his cars and bike in his living room, a decision that has raised eyebrows and generated widespread discussion.

Melaye’s reasoning behind this unusual practice is that he considers his cars as furniture in his house, and like furniture, he likes to change them frequently. This approach reflects his passion for cars and his desire to showcase his collection in a unique way.

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The former senator’s love for luxury vehicles is well-known, and his collection includes high-end cars like Bentley, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. By parking his cars in the living room, Melaye is able to showcase his prized possessions and enjoy them in a more intimate setting.

Melaye’s living room is designed to accommodate his vehicles, with a large open space that allows him to park multiple cars and bikes comfortably. The room is also equipped with a hydraulic lift, which enables him to move his cars and bikes easily.

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In addition to his cars, Melaye also has two bikes in his living room, which he uses for recreation and exercise. The bikes are parked alongside his cars, creating a unique and eclectic mix of vehicles in the living room.

Melaye’s decision to park his cars and bike in his living room has sparked a range of reactions, from fascination to criticism. Some have praised his creativity and passion for cars, while others have raised concerns about safety and practicality.

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Despite the controversy, Melaye remains unapologetic about his decision, stating that his cars are his pride and joy, and he wants to enjoy them in the comfort of his own home.…….See More

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