Mohbad’s Father Blasted As He’s Seen Performing At An Event


Late singer, Mohbad’s father Joseph Aloba stirs mixed reactions as he is seen performing at a church event to congregants who gifted him money.

Media attention had turned to Mohbad’s father after the death of his son whose demise remains controversial to this day.

Following the sad passing of the musician, his father, Joseph Aloba had continued to make the rounds online to speak about his son and demand justice for his death.

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Netizens reacted differently when a video of him performing at a church event surfaced on social media.

Some expressed that Mohbad’s father simply enjoys singing while others berated him for trying to tread the same path as his son who only passed away less than one year ago.

Check out some comments below …

bholaromobaba remarked: “It’s like he did something for Mohbad and he had to take it back for him to continue his singing Nd stop carpentry since Mohbad refused to give him Liam placenta . Make We just dey look. See someone that want to do Autopsy and getting money from Gofundme me”

mzzsholz penned: “Celebrity mourner 🙌🙌🙌”

ucheoajene commented: “So he wants to enjoy a celebrity lifestyle but wants Wunmi to be homeless with her child? Heart of stone”

damikellz stated: “If he loved singing so much, why didn’t he enter the studio with his son when he was alive??? Why wait till his demise???”

callmepowei penned: “This is what he wanted 😂😂😂Baba as you have collected your glory back,oya bury your son🙏🏽”.…….See More

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