I’m Not Into Women Again, I’ve Been Married 5 Times, I’ve Been With A Woman For 45 Years -Charlie Boy


Veteran Nigerian singer and socialite Charlie Boy has revealed his current relationship status while also stating the number of times he has been married in the past and the number of years he has been married to his wife.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Urielmusicstar, he made it known that he is not into women anymore, saying that he has been married five times in the past and that he has been with only his wife for forty five years.

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In his statement, he said, “I’m not into women again, I have been married five times, and I have been with a woman for 45 years.

“Can you imagine me staying in one place with one woman with the same smell and the same face for 45 years? That is not love because I do not believe in love.”.……See More

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