I Linked You Up With A Guy Online But Now You’ve Started Blaming Me” Kehinde Adams To Eniola Badmus


Yoruba movie actor Kehinde Adams, also known as Lege Miami, has revealed what happened between him and actress Eniola Badmus that led to their disagreement.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Lege Miami, he made it known that he linked Eniola Badmus with a guy on social media, saying that the actress has started blaming him for making it known to the general public.

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In his statement, he said, “You started abusing me simply because I helped in linking you up with a guy.

“You came to my public session on social media, where Punch newspaper interviewed me to know how I managed to link you with the guy.

“I linked you up with a guy online, but now you have started blaming me.

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