I Heard Atiku Say If The Presidency Is Zoned To The Southeast, He Would Not Have Contested–Yusuf

According to the report from the Sun, the lawmaker who represented Kabba/Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency in...READ FULL ARTICLE

the Ninth Assembly, Hon. Tajudeen Yusuf recalled a heated NEC meeting where former Vice President

Atiku Abubakar had vehemently opposed zoning the presidency to the South, which was originally proposed.

He shared that Abubakar’s anger and personal ambition for the presidency caused him to disregard the meeting’s formal procedure and openly confront the zoning issue.

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He emphasized that Abubakar’s public statements about supporting a Southeast presidency if the party zoned the candidacy there were not truthful, as Abubakar had strategically maneuvered to prevent zoning to the South.

He said, “I remember the NEC meeting. I’ve never seen Alhaji Atiku Abubakar so angry that he opposed it because of his ambition. The NEC meeting is done in two phases.

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The first meeting is open, where addresses are made and what have you. The next is behind closed doors after the press had gone. But Unfortunately, he was so angry that he forgot we were still on the first phase of the meeting and went into the main issue of zoning.

But people pushed that it was zoned to the North. And then it came to the presidency, because when I hear him say, if it’s zoned to the Southeast. I heard him say several times that if the presidency is zoned to the Southeast he would not have contested. No. It’s a misrepresentation of truth and fact. The presidency was supposed to be zoned to the South, but Atiku mobilised his structure to make sure it was not zoned to the South…READ FULL ARTICLE

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