Woman’s Boyfriend Had Sex with His Dying Friend – Now She Feels Guilty for Being Jealous

“I hate myself because I get angry inside whenever he mentions her. I can’t express my jealousy because she’s dead anyway,” she began, before making a dramatic reversal after confronting her boyfriend over the hookup....READ FULL ARTICLE

A young woman has asked the internet for help after discovering her boyfriend had slept with a terminally ill friend during a farewell vacation.

The 22-year-old female posted to Reddit asking for relationship advice as she has been struggling with guilt over her feelings of jealousy — particularly because now the girl is deceased. It should be noted that she was made aware of the infidelity by mutual friends but had never confronted her partner about it.

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While the veracity of the complex tale is impossible to verify, the Reddit post garnered thousands of comments advising the young woman on how to navigate the situation

Contributing to her feelings of shame, she expressed that her boyfriend has entered an extended and deep depression following the death of his friend. She also stated: “This jealousy is eating me up. I just know that it wasn’t just f–king. They totally had emotional sex because of her condition. I don’t even know who initiated it. It was probably something like how she didn’t want to die a virgin.”

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The majority of comments on the post urged the girl to recognize that her boyfriend had been duplicitous and she had no reason to feel guilty. Others advised her and her boyfriend to seek professional counseling.

The whole twisted tale takes a dramatic turn when the Redditor posts an update after finally confronting her boyfriend and realizes something astonishing about herself.

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