Portable Âbused Me On Social Media And Said He Doesn’t Want To See Me With His Wife -Woman Said

Popular Yoruba movie actress, Laide Bakare has revealed what happened between her and singer Portable after the singer called her out on social media recently. In a post that was shared on the official Instagram page of Talktob5000, during an interview with Biola Adebayo, she made it known that Portable abused her on social media and told her that he does not want to see her anywhere near his wife....READ FULL ARTICLE

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In her statement, she said, “ Portable abused me on social media and said he does not want to see me with his wife.

“ He told me that if anything happens to his child, he will hold me responsible for it.

“His girlfriend also called me out and started yelling at me, and I told her to stop yelling because of a boyfriend that could decide to break up with her at anytime.”

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