“Na Who Dem Catch Be Thief” – Fans React to Nollywood’s Ugezu J. Ugezu Condemning Hypocrisy and Ladies Enjoying Themselves Privately with Married Men


has cried out over the high level of hypocrisy

going on among Nigerians. The popular Nollywood actor

and movie producer stated in an Instagram

post, that people enjoy living their lives in self-denial

which has made citizens laughing stocks across the world. The thespian also referenced ladies who date married men privately

but go all out to criticize those who get caught doing the same disgusting act.

In Ugezu’s

own words;
“We live in self denial in this country. We f ool ourselves a lot and the forces of the universe laugh at our hypocrisy, The same things we say that people. should not put in films happen on daily basis.
Ladies who enjoy themselves behind closed doors offline with MARRIED MEN, come online and rain abuses on the unfortunate ones caught on the act. Same with guys, It is just an arena of idiocy and hypocrisy, and next minute, you will hear ‘LET US PRAY”. Pray what? Just shut up!
Ugezu J. Ugezu Writes”.

He captioned the post;
“The level of hypocrisy in this country is vehemently disturbing.”

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: “So in your opinion we should be celebrating side chiks and establish them for our young ones to see as a norm. Inikwiti abound”.

: “Daddy na who dem catch be thief 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Last last”.

: “It’s obvious many people don’t understand this post.”

: “How do you know that, those that is condemning side chicks are doing sidechick behind close doors, it clearly shows that you are also a hypocrite.”

: “@ugezujugezu so what exactly is ur point.”

: “It’s the Just shut up , in Ugezu J Ugezu voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

: “You no lie nah… Hypocrisy is the country first name 😂😂😂 Ndi efuluefu Kali”

: “Truth Sir! I think the word you intended for the first sentence is self-deceit. Message still succinctly passed”.

: “It is because it is evil that is why they engage in it behind closed doors. Oga, the world did not start and will not end today. What are you trying to justify??? That people should not call out wrong doing? How do you know the guilty ones? Or we should no longer pray to God??? Our people say ‘Wepu aka enwe n’ ofe tutu oghoo aka mmadu”! Na who dem see im had for soup pot be THIEF!!! Remember, prayers bring God’s people close to him and there is hope of repentance! Better choose your battles before you are relegated!”

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: “The level of infidelity is alarming , spy on ur spouse/ partner today don’t wait till you get hurt . Trust is not built in a day get to know the truth about someone u spending your whole life with”.

: “This legend did not mention any name/names but Nigerians start insults and call whom they think the post is directed to, “poverty of the mind is really an affliction from the gods”

Now mixed with the actual poverty, it get worse.”

: “Phyno said it but we didn’t understand him. “Nkita niné n’ajā ézé, oburo so pitbull”. Let us pray😂”.

: “Dear Ugezu Ugezu. You are one actor I truly admire on the television screen. There was a time indeed, that I chose to watch Nollywood movies when you are a cast in it.. because of your unique way of role interpretation especially with your style of expression by words. Anyways that’s that. Regarding your post, the truth is, LIFE is too wide a subject to study , learn or master.. unfortunately many people have decided to box LIFE into a corner and pass judgement on certain issues of life as if they made LIFE possible. If it takes 4 to 5 years to get a degree in a subject like Chemistry, and still after graduation, you can’t confidently say you know much about chemistry, how much more the subject of LIFE. It will take more than one lifetime to really know LIFE. We laugh a lot about issues, we mock and we say we are catching cruise,, but we should stop condemning people we feel acted outside our boxed up life!”

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