BREAKING: Most Demolished Lagos Buildings Were Illegally Occupied

Martins Vincent Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan, has aroused outrage by claiming that the majority of property owners whose structures have been demolished in Lagos are unlawful occupiers....READ FULL ARTICLE

He noted that the victims did not verify the authenticity of their land before purchase.

This is coming in the aftermath of recent demolitions in Lagos.

A woman bemoaned the demolition notice that had purportedly been placed on her Lagos State property just two months after she had moved in, according to a widely shared video on social media.

In the video, which leaked online on Monday, the unidentified woman sobbed as she recounted the ordeal.

A picture of a demolition notice dated May 7, 2024, was also attached to the video.

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She said, “We bought that property in February, and we’ve only been there for two months. All the hard work, all the sleepless nights, everything… If you’re in Lagos, you’ll know how much property in Eti Osa costs.”

However, VeryDarkMan called into doubt the legitimacy of several real estate transactions in the state.

“Most of all these people complaining that the government has come to demolish their building, who sold the land for you? Did you verify the land?” VeryDarkMan asked.

Based on personal experience, the influencer showed empathy for individuals affected by the demolitions.

“I know how she feels. That’s how it happened to us in 2006. My mother had just gone to work, our house was demolished, and after it was demolished, it started raining, and we were outside with nowhere to go, so I can relate with what they are going through,” he said.

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However, VeryDarkMan emphasised the necessity of due diligence in land acquisitions.

“The truth is that most of you don’t verify lands, and real estate people are fond of collecting people’s money with fake lands, fake papers, and fake documents,” he said.

According to him, available land is limited in Lagos, particularly on the island.

VeryDarkMan also encouraged prospective buyers to be cautious and properly research any potential purchases.

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“Lagos is small, and it is very hard to see free land in Lagos, especially on the Island. Go and check the plan of a state before you buy land. Go and verify,” he added.

While sympathising with those impacted, the influencer also urged the government to consider providing compensated or subsidised land alternatives to people who may have been duped by unethical real estate agents.

“To the government, even if this land they bought is illegal, at least there should be a form of compensation to these people. At least, the government can find land somewhere and subsidise the price of the land,” VeryDarkMan said in pidgin…READ FULL ARTICLE

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