We Can Not Trust Dan Orbih – Obaseki Allegedly Tells Asue To Stay Clear Of PDP National Vice Chairman

Trouble brews within the PDP camp as investigations suggest that Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has reportedly cautioned the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Barrister Asue Ighodalo, to distance himself from PDP National Vice Chairman South-South, Chief Dan Orbih....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to confidential sources, Governor Obaseki reportedly issued this warning late Tuesday evening, following the announcement by the PDP’s National Working Committee (NWC) that Chief Dan Orbih had agreed to participate in the campaign, after a reconciliation between the NWC and factions within the state.

The decision was reportedly reached during the 586th National Working Committee Meeting of the party on Tuesday, May 7th, in Abuja. It’s worth noting that Orbih had previously rejected his inclusion in the list publicly, stating that he had not been consulted or informed before his name was added to it.

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Our sources alleged that Obaseki warned Asue to be wary of Dan Orbih, suggesting that he could potentially serve as a mole within the campaign council. It’s purported that Orbih’s acceptance into the council might be orchestrated by Obaseki’s political rival, the FCT minister Nyesom Wike, who wields significant influence over the party at the national level.

According to these claims, Orbih’s supposed instructions are aimed at destabilizing the party and ensuring their defeat in the upcoming September elections.

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The source alleges that Obaseki stresses a lack of trust in Dan and his associates, advocating for caution in dealing with them due to suspicions of sabotage. This implies that they should be regarded with skepticism and kept at a distance to safeguard the party’s interests from potential harm or disruption.

Meanwhile, the faction of PDP members known as the Legacy PDP in the state has consistently accused Obaseki of betrayal. They argue that upon his arrival into the party after being ousted from the APC and having nowhere else to turn, he initiated a systematic scheme to betray and sideline the Legacy members.

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They lament that Obaseki’s actions have led to the decline of the party’s traditional members in the state and have further weakened the party, resulting in numerous defections in recent times.

The unfolding events are yet to reveal their full impact in the days ahead, as this remains a developing story. We’ll continue to keep you updated on emerging trends, particularly as the PDP braces itself for the challenging task ahead in the upcoming elections.…READ FULL ARTICLE 

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