I Was Selling Phone Accessories At The CMS Area Around 11 a.m., So Some Task Force Officials And Police Officers Stopped Me And Forced Me Into Their Black Maria Vehicle – Victim

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Miracle Chukwu, a victim who claimed to sell phone accessories in the Marina area of Lagos, reported that he was forcibly taken by task force officials and police officers while returning from selling his products in the CMS area.

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According to Chukwu, he was not given a chance to speak before being pushed into their vehicle. He mentioned that the officials threatened to shoot anyone who disobeyed them when they were taken to a forest.

Chukwu further explained that he was physically assaulted, had his belongings taken (including his iPhone XR, over N20,000, and his house key), and was transported to various police stations, eventually ending up in Osun State. He mentioned that a diverse group of people, including those living with disabilities and various traders, were among those taken during this incident.

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As per Punch, Chukwu said, “I was coming back from where I was selling phone accessories at the CMS area around 11 a.m., so some task force officials and police officers stopped me and forced me into their Black Maria vehicle. They beat me up and collected my bag, which contained my iPhone XR, over N20,000, and my house key.

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“That night, they arrested innocent people, took me to the Lion Building, and then transferred us to Elemoro Police Station, Area J. They ordered a bus to pick us up and take us to Osun State, including people living with disabilities and a lot of traders in all kinds of businesses in Lagos...READ FULL ARTICLE 

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