I Married My Step Mother After My Dad Died, We Are Proud, but the Society Says It’s an Abomination, But… – Man Narrates (WATCH VIDEO)

A man has narrated how he married his stepmother after his father died. He says that they are proud of what they did, but the society says it’s an abomination, and that’s why his wife never gave birth....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to him, he and his two sisters were living a normal life with both parents until their mother died. After a few years, his father married again. He paid a bride price, and their stepmother was introduced to them as their mother from that day.

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He claims that his stepmother gave birth to one child, a girl, and they were brought up together as brother and sisters. He says that his father got sick and died, leaving them with the stepmother.

His sisters grew up and all got married, and he was left home with his stepmother, and they stayed in the same house. After a few months, they started having feelings for each other, and that’s when he asked his stepmother if he could marry her, and she said yes.

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He says that he went and asked for a hand in marriage from her parents, and they accepted, and he paid a bride price. Soon after the society knew about it, they started saying that they should be punished because it was an abomination for them to do that.

He says that although they have never had a child of their own, his wife has been getting pregnant, but she always miscarriages, which people in their society say is a punishment from God because of him marrying his mother.…READ FULL ARTICLE 

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