“Because you support a person, you must therefore accept all his policies?” – Seyi Law responds to backlash for criticizing government over cybersecurity levy

Popular comedian, Seyi Law has reacted to criticisms from Nigerians after he criticized the government over cybersecurity levy despite being a firm supporter....READ FULL ARTICLE

The comedian previously criticized the Nigerian government for enforcing a 0.5% cybersecurity levy on all bank transactions.

He attracted backlash from netizens who accused him of disloyalty to the administration he supports.

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Referring to his detractors as “idiots,” he questioned the notion of blindly accepting every policy of a leader solely based on support.

Seyi Law emphasized that now is not the appropriate time for implementing a cybersecurity levy but rather for increasing the minimum wage.

He clarified to critics that the minimum wage concerns their parents and is unrelated to him, praising supporters of President Tinubu as “better Nigerians.”

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His words: “Why do some id#ots think that because you support a person, you must therefore accept all his policies? Yes, the cybersecurity level is from ammended act, I presume, but I don’t think this is the time for the implementation. If there is anything that should be paramount to the government, it should be the new minimum wage.

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“Some of you are crying, una never see anything. My brother, na your papa and mama dey collect minimum wage. E no reach where I dey. The truth is the supporters of Mr. President are better Nigerians because we criticise when it is needed.”...READ FULL ARTICLE 


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