My Boss Used To ‘KNACK’ My Wife After Sending Me On A Mission, To The Extent She Got… – Ex-soldier

Samuel Mbugua, an ex-soldier member, has narrated how his boss used to take advantage of him after sending him on a mission in Somalia. According to him, the boss would sleep with his wife to the extent of impregnating her....READ FULL ARTICLE

Samuel was born and raised in Naivasha. After completing his Class 7 education, he couldn’t further his studies since his parents were not well-off. They enrolled him in the National Youth Service where he studied different courses.

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Upon completion, he was among those selected to start KDF training. After training and qualifying, his first mission was in Sierra Leone. After eight months there, he returned home and stayed in the Nanyuki camp where he had been stationed.

While there, he met a young girl and fell in love with her. After impregnating her, he married her and they moved into his house in the camp. She gave birth to a healthy boy while he was on a mission. Upon his return, he heard rumors that his wife was often seen with his boss.

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He initially ignored the rumors, but when their child was six months old, his wife conceived their second child. His boss then sent him to Somalia for one and a half years.

During this time, his wife delivered the child, and upon his return, he found her pregnant again. He confronted her about the paternity of the child.

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His wife, who had now turned to alcohol, admitted that his boss was responsible for the pregnancy. Samuel was heartbroken to see that his boss had destroyed his marriage.

The wife he loved and for whom he risked his life had betrayed him. He told his wife to leave their children behind and go, which she did. He later resigned from the army and now lives with his two sons, taking care of them....READ FULL ARTICLE

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