Woman Who Worked In Saudi Says The Employer’s Arab Brother Impregnated Her Months After She Arrived

Faith Wambui, who dropped her first name to ZamZam after converting to Islam, shared her fair share of mistreatment in the Gulf for the first time. Upon arrival, ZamZam waited for her boss at the airport for a month before she came and picked her up....READ FULL ARTICLE

ZamZam said her life with the family was full of challenges, especially with her employer, whom she reckoned never liked her.

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The woman, born and raised in Githurai 45, Kiambu county, said her employer’s brother was her ray of hope because he was a good man. She claimed the young man would hide food for her when his sister was away or not watching and deliver it to ZamZam.

When her employer discovered it, she thought it was her husband’s, and ZamZam never revealed the truth. She opted to run away before the truth could come out and sought refuge elsewhere, where she also delivered her baby in the house.

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In another story, Selestine Musavakwa was treated well in her first 90 days at her new home in Saudi Arabia, where she worked as a househelp.

After her probation, her boss suddenly changed, mistreating and being abusive towards her, making inhumane demands. The single mum of two from Nairobi said at one point, she would drink toilet water, which, in the long run, affected her liver...READ FULL ARTICLE

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