We waste money to train doctors who go to other countries while we import doctors from poor African nations — British TV host

Popular TV host, Nigel Farage, has lambasted doctors in the United Kingdom who abandoned the country to practice in other nations after being trained in the UK....READ FULL ARTICLE

Farage made this known on Live TV. He also took to his X account to make his stance clear.

He suggested that NHS-trained doctors should be required to work for the health service for a number of years after the completion of their training, to stop doctors trained at the UK’s expense from going abroad.

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“It’s wrong that we train doctors and they leave the UK to other countries while we import doctors from poor African countries who probably need those doctors more than we do,” he added.

As he shared his speech on X, he wrote in the caption:

“More than 15,000 NHS doctors left Britain last year. It can cost up to £400,000 to train them. It’s only fair on the taxpayer that new doctors and nurses should stay here for a given period of time.”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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