Rapper Speed Darlington Is In Search for His Ideal Wife, Lists Out Requirement for Wife

Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington is on the lookout for a wife and he’s making his requirements clear. Here’s what he’s looking for:...READ FULL ARTICLE

1. Physical Traits: He prefers someone who is at least 5 feet, 8 inches tall, with dark skin, and weighs under 150 pounds.

2. Age:His ideal age range is between 18 to 23 years old.

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3. Education:He prefers someone who has completed secondary school.

4. Virginity: While he prefers a virgin, it’s not a deal-breaker if she’s not.

5. Other Qualities: He values qualities like being a good listener, having financial literacy, being business-minded, and maintaining personal hygiene.

6. Language: It’s a plus if she’s fluent in both Igbo and English.

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As for what he brings to the table, Speed Darlington has quite a list:

1. Assets: He owns six plots of land, a digital filmmaking associate degree, and has access to the USA.

2. Property: He has an 11-room mansion, a three-room apartment in Lagos, and an 18-year-old Mercedes.

3. Financials: He has five bank accounts worldwide.

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4. Other: He’s a frequent flyer, a good listener, an analyst and advisor, and has his own studio.

So, if you fit his criteria and are interested, it might be worth reaching out! Since the requirements are clear.…READ FULL ARTICLE

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