“Please Have Mercy on Me”: NOUN Law Graduate Anyim Veronica Cries out to Nigeria, Seeks Forgiveness

Hours after hotelier Azubuike Ihemeje conveyed Anyim Veronica Nnenna’s pressing need to Nigerians, the NOUN law graduate has made a new broadcast....READ FULL ARTICLE

In a Facebook live broadcast, Veronica said she was back home in Abuja but could no longer remain there due to her new-found ‘celebrity status.’
The ‘Dunamite’ appealed to Nigerians for financial help to rent a new home and cited security concerns in her current abode.

“…I want to use this medium to urge us to assist me in accommodation. I am not buoyant now to rent a house because where I am staying now is as risky no, insecurity and is a very open place.

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“And due to everybody has already known that I am a celebrity,” Veronica said.

Veronica begged for forgiveness as she drove home her appeal for a new home. She said she has been hiding since returning to Abuja.

“As I am talking to you, I am just hiding myself so that people will not come and start misbehaving at my side. If there is anyway I have offended you people, please have mercy on me, forgive me. Please forgive me.”

Oboho Asanwana said:

“Madam, go and continue with your work as a Police Officer and live your life. Resorting to begging is quite sad. Don’t let people take you to where you don’t know.”

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Labake Ojowara said:

“Madam ask your pastor to do that for you. Manage that place and build yourself up. You are not a celebrity yet but you can make yourself one. Moreover you are police officer.”

Nwabeke Christiana said:

“Find a one bedroom apartment in a secured place in Maitaima and tell me what it cost not for much to be done but cos I want to know.”

Rosemary Utavie-Jerry II said:

“Aunty Vera, you are taking this thing too far, which one Policewoman dey find comfortable accommodation because of sekuriti? ”

Christianah Dammydollar said:

“I just remembered chef Dammy with body guards that time. To be a celeb no easy o.”

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Oluwaseun Owoeye said:

“This video is totally uncalled for, and remember you’re a police officer.”

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that Anyim Veronica had raised an alarm that her Facebook account has been cloned.

Cloning refers to creating a Facebook account that closely resembles the authentic one. Veronica shared a screenshot of one of such fake accounts created with her name and picture and warned people to stop following it.

Veronica became a landowner overnight after a real estate company offered her a plot of land, in addition to other offers she received since the controversial fake testimony incident....READ FULL ARTICLE

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