Nigeria’s Electricity Crisis: Peter Obi Laments Tanzania’s Success While Nigeria Struggles

Former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, has expressed his disappointment over Nigeria’s inability to provide electricity to even one of its major cities, while Tanzania has successfully powered all its major cities and provided access to electricity in rural areas....READ FULL ARTICLE

This comparison comes as a recent report indicated that Tanzania had shut down five hydroelectric stations due to excess electricity in the national grid, highlighting the stark contrast in the countries’ power generation capabilities.

In a post on his X platform, Mr Obi pointed out how Tanzania has significantly improved its electricity access, with nearly 70% of its 40 million rural population gaining access to electricity.

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This is in stark contrast to Nigeria, where 60% of its over 200 million people live without access to electricity, according to a 2022 Energy Progress Report.

The World Bank report cited in Mr Obi’s statement highlights the strong political will and commitment that have driven rapid electricity access in Tanzania.

The country’s electricity access has increased from 7% in 2011 to almost 40% in 2020, with urban dwellers gaining access to electricity at 73.2% and rural areas at 24.5%.

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In response to Nigeria’s situation, Mr Obi called for the government to sanitize and rescue the power sector, emphasizing the critical role stable electricity plays in the journey towards a New Nigeria.

He pointed out that if Tanzania could achieve such a milestone in power generation, Nigeria should be able to do it even better with competent and committed leadership.

The recent increase in electricity tariffs in Nigeria has raised concerns about the government’s ability to improve access to electricity in both urban and rural areas.

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Despite the challenges, Mr Obi remains committed to the vision of a New Nigeria and believes that a stable power sector is essential for achieving this goal.

The situation in Nigeria’s electricity sector has been a long-standing issue, with many experts and stakeholders calling for significant reforms to address the challenges faced by the sector.

Mr Obi’s remarks highlight the need for urgent action to improve access to electricity in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas, and to ensure that the country can meet the growing demand for power....READ FULL ARTICLE

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