”Marriages work better abroad than in Nigeria. If your marriage doesn’t work abroad, your village people are after you” — UK-based Nigerian lady

A UK-based Nigerian lady has explained why marriages tend to work better abroad than in Nigeria....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to the lady known as that_theatre_nurde any marriage which is already shaky in Nigeria has low chances of working in the UK.

She revealed that the system over there made it in such away that partners who agree with each other flow together.

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She stated that the law over there makes it mandatory for the couple to own things together, and not the property being only in the man’s name.

The lady made reference to how the couple assist each other because of their busy work schedule, but the same cannot be obtained in Nigeria.

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Read some comments from netizens below:

drew_ezemarcel said: “Not everyone in UK is actually OK”

made_in_benin said: “Uk people are always trekking why”

sarahexquisitehair said: “You say something without saying anything ()why you dey confuse us ? Marriage dey work Abi e nu dey work ?”

taiwo_junzi said: “Said a lot of things without saying anything.”

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nebojonathan said: “Another !dlot has lifted camera”

kech0920 said: “i If you want your marriage to work , both needs to make sacrifice and put on equal effort”

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