I entered the plane, 4 people stood up including General Magoro and offered me their seats – Kukah

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto’s bishop, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has disclosed an incident that happened on a plane....READ FULL ARTICLE

According to Kukah, who paid for an economy ticket to Sokoto State, four individuals—including General Magoro—offered him seats in business class as he boarded the aircraft, according to an interview with Arise TV. He claimed he turned down the offer and decided to stay in his economy class seat.

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Bishop Kukah said that act of kindness was evidence that people value the contributions he makes to the society. He emphasized that even small acts of kindness are appreciated by many people and he encouraged everyone to continue making positive contributions, no matter how small they may seem.

In Bishop Kukah’s words:

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“I entered the plane, 4 people stood up including General Magoro, and offered me their seats. It was a difficult journey for me to enter and sit on economy. So the point I am making is the little contribution we are making, a lot of people appreciate it. So we must continue”...READ FULL ARTICLE

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